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We want to welcome everyone to Flavors 4 the World. This page was created by two friends who want to share their love of cooking with family and friends. We will have a variety of recipes to cater to all cooking levels and styles to make your experience worthwhile.


Our goal is to bring families back to the table to not only satisfy your hunger but also to fill your heart and soul with joy and laughter. We will soon be adding herb and spice mixtures for you to be able to purchase so you can take a trip back to when Grandma had Sunday dinners with the same taste and smell that enveloped your senses and made you feel at home.


Full lives can make dinner to be a stressful one when it should be something we enjoy. Let's get back to that with homestyle cooking made easy, and tastes great.

Picky Eaters?

Your kitchen isn't a restaurant or a cafeteria, so stop taking orders. Check out meals everyone at the table will love.

Do You Think You Can't Cook?

You don't need to be a Master Chef  to cook delicious meals.  You can cook like your grandmother did on Sunday afternoons.

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