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  • From Your Table to Ours

    We have had a request from one of our viewers asking us to add cocktails to our page. This is exactly what we are looking for. We want Flavors 4 the World to have what you are looking for and to share with others, recipes that you love. We can’t wait to hear you share your stories from the dinner table or maybe from a family gathering around the campfire! Hope to hear from you soon. Until next time....

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  • Moscato Wine Punch

    Moscato Wine Punch 10 minutes a pitcher Introduction This a great drink for anytime of the day. Steps How to make Mix together the Moscato, Sprite, & lemonade. Pour into glasses top with frozen fruit and enjoy. Back to recipes Ingredients 5 c chilled Moscato 5 c chilled Sprite 5 c chilled raspberry lemonade frozen raspberries, blueberries, & strawberries

  • Sloppy Joes

    Sloppy Joes 30 Minutes 6 Servings Introduction Sloppy Joes have been used as a favorite for many years. Steps How to make Add the burger and onion to your pan and cook. Drain well and return to the pan. Add the remaining ingredients and simmer until hot. Back to recipes Ingredients 2 lbs of Hamburger 1/2 chopped onion 2 tbsp of Mustard 1 1/2 c Ketchup 1 tbsp of Sugar 1 tsp Salt 2 Tbsp Vinegar 2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce

  • Recipes2

    Main Dish Just like your main squeeze these recipes are sure to accentuate your dish. Street Tacos These easy street tacos will have you celebrating Cinco de Mayo more than one day a year. ​ 12 Servings Read More Tater Tot Casserole Who doesn't love Tater Tots? Add the Hamburger/Turkey Burger and you have a yummy dinner. 45 minutes 8 Servings Read More Lasagna This meal takes a little time but the outcome is very satisfying. 1 Hour 8 Servings Read More Spaghetti Spaghetti recipes for those Italian nights you don't have to fret over. 45 minutes 4 Servings Read More Sloppy Joes Here is a quick on the go meal that the whole family will love. 30 Minutes 6 Servings Read More Stone Baked Chicken Sure to be a family favorite! 20 Minutes 4 Servings Read More Pretty Chicken Most kids love drumsticks, this is a sure way to get them to the table. 2 Hours 5 Servings Read More Sausage and Milk Gravy and Biscuits Sausage and Milk Gravy and Biscuits will give your belly some tlc. 45 minutes 4 Servings Read More Chili Hearty meal on those cold night! 2 Hours 10 Servings Read More Salisbury Steak Salisbury Steak has always been a family favorite. 30 Minutes 6 Servings Read More Homemade Pizza Pizza night is great night. Follow directions on the box. 4 Servings Read More Shrimp Fried Rice So very easy to make and you will never order out for Chinese food again. 1 Hour 4 Servings Read More

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